Veículos blindados ao redor do mundo.
With more than 5,000 blind vehicles delivered in more than 30 countries in the last 20 years, Combat Armor Defense do Brasil, an American company based in Idaho (USA), arrives in Brazil in 2019 having used blind cars for different types of vehicles. customers with competitive price and punctual deliveries. A company is responsible for the development of a new technology available on the market: 360° Shielding, surpassing the strictest quality and protection standards. The Defense of Combat Armor of Brazil is specialized in armoring military vehicles, of luxury and of use and understanding of all type of public such as military, businessmen, politicians, diplomats, celebrities and every client who needs personal protection. Our goal is clear: To produce the most protected vehicles on the planet.

Protótipo testado pela polícia do Rio de Janeiro.


Combat Armor Defense provides the best technology and quality. We specialize in protection and have transformed original vehicles into 360° armored vehicles.


Security is a choose important. When client to think in a armoring vehicle, the choose the company certain is the key. The Combat Armor Defense, a leader company on the against security rifle, it is a your choose.

Qualidade, paz e tranquilidade em segurança pra você e sua família.


Combat Armor Defense will arm your vehicle with the latest available technology. Each vehicle is accurately armored and assures the customer that its assets will not depreciate in the future.

Peace and Tranquility

Only a company with global experience knows that the customer deserves the best. As a result, Combat Armor Defense provides a shielding certificate that meets international quality standards.

Centro Tecnológico em Blindagem 360°


Whenever you drive a Combat Armor Defense from Brazil armored vehicle, make sure you have the best.
Each shield is developed with the latest equipment and software used by our ring team.

Meet the concept of the exclusive armoring 360°

Our director Johanan Castellano have an invite for you!

Exclusive Products Combat Armor Defense

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Flats Over

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Gun port

It is a device for militarized vehicles that enables the combat reaction of the occupa…


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